Atlanta Public Schools accepting transfer applications - FINDING THE BEST RENT APARTMENT ATLANTA OPTIONS
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Atlanta Public Schools accepting transfer applications

Atlanta Public Schools accepting transfer applications

Atlanta Public Schools is accepting applications for general administrative transfers and Georgia Special-Needs Scholarship transfers through March 30.

Georgia’s Public School Choice law allows residents of the city of Atlanta to attend a public school outside of their zoned district school, if space is available. Students who live outside the district (nonresidents) and want to attend a school in the district may do so, if space is available. Nonresident students are required to pay tuition. The current tuition rates for nonresident students are:

o General education: $12,199.48

o Special education: $18,360 plus costs for additional services based on individual needs

o Evening high school: $477.91 per class (nonresident), $95.58 per class (resident over 21), free (resident 16 to 21)

The Atlanta Board of Education will determine tuition for the 2018-19 school year.

The district offers two types of transfers:

1. General administrative transfers: permits a student to attend an out-of-zone school through the highest grade offered at the school. Students are accepted based upon available space at the requested school.

2. Georgia Special Needs Scholarship transfers: allows eligible special education students to request a transfer to another school in the district on the basis of special needs. Approval is subject to space availability at the requested school. In order to qualify for this transfer program, the student should meet the following requirements:

o The student’s parent(s) currently resides within Georgia and has been a Georgia resident for at least one calendar year; and

o The student has attended school during the 2017-18 school year in a K-12 Georgia public school and that attendance is reflected in both the October and March full-time enrollment counts at the school.

General administrative transfers and Georgia Special Needs Scholarship transfers applications will be accepted online now March 30 at and in person at the district’s department of student assignment, 130 Trinity Ave., Second Floor, Atlanta, GA 30303, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parents may apply any time during the application window. Applications submitted on the last day receive the same consideration as applications submitted on the first day.

Transportation for students under the public school choice option is the responsibility of the parent. A list of schools accepting transfers is available by visiting

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